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    Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
    11:56 am
    Black Bear Reintroduction Fund Raising Dinner
    First Fundraiser, held March 5th 2005, Huge Success!

    As the Chairperson, I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting our “Black Bear Reintroduction Public Awareness Campaign” with your attendance at this our very first Banquet and Fundraising Event.

    I would especially like to congratulate all the committee members, for your dedicated efforts responsible for this amazing success. Organized in only two short months, although a net figure is not yet determined, I’m proud to announce that this event was a huge success and "significant funds” were generated to assist in the ongoing “awareness campaign” which is designed to target and inform southern Ontario residents of the current problems associated with Black Bear Management.

    Congratulations to Gisele Honse winner of the $3500 Door Prize, custom-made fur coat, sponsored by Lafrance Furs and OFAH Zone D Clubs.

    I must also give special thanks to our supporters listed below both individuals and businesses from this and other areas, for helping make this special evening possible.

    Eldon Hawton
    2005 Chairperson
    10:52 am
    An idea born in the wilderness
    An idea born in the wilderness
    -Media Release by Mona Sims

    What started as an "idea of the moment" during a camping trip has turned into a growing movement gathering international attention. On Saturday night the town of Coniston played host to people from all over Ontario who came out to support the Black Bear Reintroduction Campaign. The campaign is working to have black bears reintroduced into their once native homeland in southern Ontario. Speaking to a packed house, Murray Monk of Nipigon talked about "the growing number of nuisance bears" in the north and spoke with emotion about the alarming, and "rapidly rising number of cubs left orphaned" when these nuisance animals are killed. "We love running with the truth", said Monk.

    The campaign, spearheaded by Monk and Eldon Hawton of North Bay, is made up of an eclectic gathering of people you don't often see working together. On hand for the dinner Saturday night were people as differing in their views as vegetarian animal welfare activists and professional fur trappers. The uniting factor seems to be the desire to see the lives of nuisance bears saved and fewer cubs left orphaned. Monk says the slaughter can only intensify as bear populations in the north continue to rise. He invites all concerned citizens to support this effort.

    The fund raising dinner, silent action, and fashion show was richly supported by companies and individuals representing every region of northern Ontario, areas in southern Ontario, and from as far away as North Dakota. The door prize alone was valued at $3500.00. The group plans to use funds generated at this event to step up and continue the campaign. You may find more information about the movement at and in the various communities springing up online that are dedicated to this issue.
    10:48 am
    Animal Rights Activists Unite!
    An organization called Friends of Fur, the brain child of Eldon Hawton, has worked with other organizations and individuals to spearhead a movement to reintroduce the black bear population to southern Ontario. The group has gathered it's information from the MNR, from current newspaper articles, from government surveys, and public policies to name only a few. They present a compelling, logical, and often amusing case for their proposal.

    Many are reporting that black bears are becoming an ever growing "nuisance" animal in the north. Add to that the complete lack of black bears in the south of Ontario where they once roamed wild and free, and then too, remember that so many southern Ontarian's are working hard to look after these beautiful beasties. With all of this going on the group says they fully expect many animal rights activists to join in this movement and give it tremendous support. They have extended an open invitation to all animal rights groups to do so.

    They wonder why our already beleaguered government has to spend money

    a) protecting bears from northern hunters

    b) then spend more money to have the "nuisance" bears killed anyway, when they could just as easily be captured and re-located to the southern, and bear starved, areas of the province.

    So... animal rights activists unite! Let us work together to save the lives of "nuisance" bears in the north and let the vast populations of southern Ontario in on what we in the north have always known... black bears are grand creatures. Large and beautiful and wonderful to behold.

    Bears share a world that we have messed up in many ways with our pollution, overcrowding, and greedy actions. But like it or not it is the world they now share. Let's work to save as many as we can by moving them back into one of their traditional homes!
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